We love finding swanky, stylish tech gifts for the men in our lives, and this year we’re swooning over this cashmere Bluetooth beanie we spotted at Neiman Marcus. Concealed, wireless headphones are built in to the hat, designed to fit over your ears, so they’ll be warm while you stream your favorite music or podcasts via Bluetooth.

Not to mention the gorgeous, imported cashmere that makes it extraordinarily soft, and very upscale.

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Wondering how it works? The beanie is entirely wireless and the battery lasts 6-8 hours, but it does comes with a charging cable so you can juice it back up when you run out. A patch with buttons sits at the back of the hat, giving you control over what you listen to. If you know a guy who runs, rides bikes, skis, commutes to work, or just generally goes outdoors while it’s cold outside, this is the gift for him.

And hey, there’s no reason why you can’t borrow it from him too.

You can find the 1 Voice Bluetooth Cashmere Beanie at our affiliate Neiman Marcus.

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