Even the most vigilant parents can have a hard time keeping track of their child’s online activity, which is why so many are looking to KidGuard for help to ensure they’re safe and making good digital choices.

The KidGuard subscription service is a secure, easy way to monitor your kids on their smartphones and tablets. Using their dashboard on your own smartphone or computer, you’ll have access to the websites they’ve visited. You’ll also have the ability to locate their phone, provided it has GPS capabilities.

If you’re extra worried about a child’s safety, you can even keep an eye on their text messages.


KidGuard lets you monitor your kid's online activity to keep them safer

Using KidGuard doesn’t require installing apps on your kid’s phone, or any additional equipment; you just need the the iCloud account and password associated with the phone. Then you’ve got one more tool to help teach your kids to make good digital decisions.

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