I am fortunate that my grandmother was a writer, so she took it upon herself to write all her amazing life story down for us before she passed away. Even so, I would have loved to have had StoryWorth, a service that helps you capture your loved ones’ stories and turns them into a beautiful keepsake book.

Your purchase of StoryWorth, whether it’s for a special family member or maybe yourself, includes a year’s worth of weekly writing prompts in the form of email questions that your recipient answers, then sends back to StoryWorth (with the option to share them with family members if they choose). Everything from their favorite hiding place as a child, to their first trip, even their favorite toy that they couldn’t part with. Then, at the end of the year, StoryWorth compiles all their answers, including images (if they shared those), all in a beautiful hardback book. How cool is that?

For an extra fee, they can take audio recordings and transcribe them for the keepsake book, which is an excellent option if you’ve got a relative who might not be able to type, or is a little email or technology averse.

This looks like such a smart way to gather up all those stories and adventures that you’d love to be able to pass on to your kids, and their kids. And their kids. Truly a gift for the whole family that will keep on giving.

You can purchase StoryWorth on their website, for a reduced price for the holidays of $59.