We’ve shared lots of different ways you can take back your Facebook News feed and make it your own again. Well, as much as possible, anyway. That includes everything from using the See First to Hide Post. But it turns out, there’s actually a super simple thing you can do that involves Facebook Reactions.

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Recently, a Facebook spokesperson noted that Facebook will be using Facebook Reactions to determine what should be seen in a user’s feed. That means, if you use a Facebook Reaction over a simple “like,” that sends a signal to Facebook that the content is more important to you.

Interestingly, they weigh all the Facebook Reactions the same, so stuff you hate with the anger reaction and stuff you love with the heart reaction will show up equally, all of which are higher up than a like.

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So, if you want to have a little more control over your feed, use the Facebook Reactions buttons more. Or on the flip side, don’t use them at all, or better, don’t do anything. But just know that when you decide to get super angry about a post, there’s a chance that similar posts will pop up in your feed as often as the ones you loved, fairly soon.

(via Mashable)

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