One of our favorite travel apps just got a whole lot better thanks to a new feature that tells you exactly when to leave for the airport to ensure you’ve got enough time to drive, park, check-in and get to the gate. Basically, Tripit is making it really hard for you to miss your flight, and for that, we’re thankful.

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Tripit already does so much to make traveling easier — whether it’s for business or pleasure — but their new “Go Now” feature makes it a whole lot easier. Taking into consideration your current location, the traffic status, and your flight time, Tripit will give you a “Go Now” time to help you know exactly when to leave, which can always be a tricky calculation to make depending on the time of day, the city that you’re in, and well, how many children (and their stuffed animals) you’re traveling with.

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While they don’t have a way to factor in traveling with kids, this new feature does help with travel stress. We recommend lots of candy, toys, activity books, and yes, screen time for the other part.