Well, well, Amazon’s Echo (aka Alexa) is now your own personal Anna Wintour thanks to the newly launched Echo Look. Think Alexa, now with eyeballs and a fashion sense.

With this new gadget, you can actually take full-length photos of yourself (even video) so you can share on social media for friend-polling, or just ask their built-in Style Check service. They’ll actually give you a rating of which is better based on machine learning and tips from style experts, with their advice getting better as they get to know you. Cool. Also, freaky.

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The new Amazon Echo Look | Cool Mom Tech

The new Amazon Echo Look | Cool Mom Tech

You still get all the cool regular Echo features with the Echo Look, so you can ask Alexa for the weather report or to set your alarm, along with getting style advice, all for $200, which makes it the most expensive of the Echo devices.

We can’t deny that there are privacy concerns, with a talking camera hanging out in your bedroom or closet (which you can turn off when not in use of course). Everything that’s snapped is stored in the accompanying app and the AWS cloud unless you delete it. And as secure as the AWS cloud can be, not everything is completely hack proof.

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Now, I can see fashion bloggers and Instagram lovers going apeshi*t over this gadget, and rightfully so. If you’ve ever tried to get a photo of an outfit to share on social media, you know it takes another set of hands, or at least, some pretty tricky camera work. But hey, maybe you just want some help in the style department that doesn’t involve asking your 6-year old or your disinterested partner or spouse what they think.

Granted, Alexa might honestly tell you that your butt does not look good in those jeans, but at least she’s just a little tiny gadget on your dresser. And not someone you have to drive to school or sleep next to.

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