There’s a new option in the online fundraising world that’s going to make giving so convenient because it’s right in your Facebook feed. Yes, it’s true! Facebook has added the capability for any user to start a personal fundraiser on Facebook for themselves, a friend, or even an event or person who’s not on Facebook.

To start your own fundraiser, go to the Facebook Fundraisers page, or tap the menu icon and select Fundraisers on the mobile app. (You don’t even need to update the app; it’s just magically there. Facebook, you get us.)

Click or tap on the blue box that says Raise Money to get started. You can’t miss it. Then, customize a message about why you’re raising money, select your privacy settings, and pick the category you’re raising for. It could be anything from sports teams to pet medical expenses to house fires or natural disaster response. And if you don’t see the category that fits, you can also create your own.

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Facebook Fundraisers: You can now raise money for yourself or anyone else directly in Facebook. Whoa!

Facebook Fundraisers: Raise money for a variety of causes directly in Facebook. Wow!

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So, let’s talk about the fees. Once you’ve finalized your details, Facebook will review the fundraiser before it goes live which takes about 24 hours. For personal fundraisers, Facebook keeps $.30 + a 6.9% fee to cover their costs for vetting, processing, and fraud protection. Non-profits pay slightly less. (For comparison: GoFundMe keeps $.30 + 7.9%, and CrowdRise directs its users to GoFundMe for personal fundraisers.)

If it’s for your own personal cause, you’ll receive weekly payments once you link your bank account. If the beneficiary is a non-profit, they’ll receive their money from Facebook, or their Network for Good.

Simply clicking to donate in a friends’ Facebook feed is going to be so easy, and it could mean big results for your fundraising efforts. Social media tends to get a bad rap, but this is a great example of tech doing good things for people.