We’ve probably all had photos we’ve shared on social media that we would very happily forget, like say my lovely “before” shot I took when I was starting a workout regimen a few months after having a baby that now pops up every single time I Google my name. Well, Instagram has launched a new feature that can help those of us who’d love to hide photos we’ve posted that we don’t necessarily don’t want to delete.

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Their new Archive feature allows you to hide photos in a private gallery, and then repost them whenever you like. Simply hit the three dots at the top of post and click “Archive.” If you want to add it back, just hit the three dots again, and hit “Show on Profile.”

It’s the perfect solution for embarrassing photos you loved at the time, but aren’t super fond of now. Or, if you’ve got tweens or teens who are less than thrilled with the cute baby and toddler photos you might have posted of them in your feed. And also, just one word: exes.

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While you can certainly just go back through your feed and delete the photos you don’t like, it’s nice to have the option to just tuck them away privately so that only you can see them.

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