When it comes to smart phone addiction, we’ve done our own experiments with putting away our phones around our kids here at Cool Mom Tech. We’ve even used various techniques to manage screen time for our own kids and tweens. That’s why we were so fascinated by this piece on Medium by Corey Alexander where he shared what he discovered after he deleted all his social media accounts. Trust us, it’s totally worth the read.

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What’s interesting is that I believe many of his revelations can easily apply to parents too. And while some of us may not be able to completely disconnect from every social media account we own, it’s certainly an eye-opening piece on what could happen if we took a social media break, or limited our usage, whether it’s for a short amount of time, or forever. It might just beĀ better for our health, both mentalĀ andĀ physical.

Image via Duri from Mocup/Unsplash

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