We’ve been fans of Withings ever since we spotted their fitness tracker¬†at CES a couple of years ago. Since then, they’ve added a ton of very cool new products, like their scale for one, which now allows expectant moms to track their pregnancy every time they step on it.

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Once you activate Pregnancy Mode on your Withings scale, you’ll get an¬†overview of your progress, which includes your pregnancy weight gain and how it compares to recommendations. Though, I should say that I was someone who¬†gained a whole lot of weight during all four of my pregnancies (like a whole lot), and was still fine and healthy. So, don’t get too tied down to, or depressed by, that number.

What’s cool is that you’ll get lots of health-related content,¬†like doctor-reviewed info that relates to your pregnancy week,¬†as well¬†a weekly report, sent right to your email.

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So, instead of using a separate app and then an email subscription to track your progress and give you information about the baby growing inside you, you’ll be able to get all of that (and more) with a gadget you might already have in your home, all in one place.

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