Yes, International Emoji Day is a thing. 21st century, y’all! And while we’ve described that the upcoming addition of custom emojis to your keyboard will lead to some creative options, there are some awesome sets of emojis we’d really like to see as soon as humanly possible.

(Hint, hint, Unicode Consortium.)

Any of your favorites we missed?


Star Wars emojis are available via the official Star Wars app...with one little hack |

Star Wars Emojis

via the official Star Wars App by Lucasfilm, illustrated by Truck Torrence

The chibi style Star Wars characters in the app fulfill most of Star Wars emoji needs with these 50 options from across the franchise, even if they don’t get into the deep fandom cult favorites. (What, no Maz Kanata?!) They require cutting from the Lucasfilm Star Wars app and pasting into your text messages, meaning they’ll appear as stickers, and not inline using Unicode — but hey, this is a pretty good start. (h/t CNET)


Hamilton Emoji Concept

Hamilton Emojis

I’m going crazy trying to find (and credit!) the illustrator who created this fantastic set of America’s favorite revolutionaries, King George, and the Schulyer sisters. (Work!) Like, these wouldn’t appear in every single text from my kids, ever. Though I do think the constitution deserves its own emoji.

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NYC Emoji we'd like to see via the Village Voice + illustrator Joe Rocco |

NYC Emojis

via The Village Voice, illustrated by Joe Rocco

Yes, we have the Statue of Liberty. But As a New Yorker, I’d love this hilarious collection of 30 NYC themed emojis, ranging from local sports franchise caps and our most popular dog breed (Frenchies!) to local delicacies like black-and-white cookies, and inside jokes like Citibike commuters, subway pole dancers, and creepy Times Square Elmo characters. I’ll take them all, please.

You too? Good news: You can actually download them as a keyboard for ersatz emoji (AKA stickers) thanks to Swyft Media.


Emojis we'd like to see: The feminist heroes from Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls Emojis

Based on the books by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallao; various illustrators

The feminist icons from this cult-phenomenon book (now, with volume two coming out) is perfectly primed to create dozens of emojis of our favorite figures from history. Frida Kahlo? Beyoncé? Coco Chanel? Ada Lovelace? Malala? They’re all here. And maybe, if we wish hard enough, they’ll end up on our phones, too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to end a sentence about some recent “nevertheless I persevered” moment followed by an icon of a triumphant Serena Wiliams?

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Kids can make their own custom emoji using blockly at Made with Code |

Any Emojis our Kids Make

Thanks to Made With Code, this template gets your kids bringing their own imaginative emoji creations to life. We bet they’ll be better than anything we can think of, no doubt starting with that rainbow poop emoji they’re all clamouring for. Sigh.