It’s clearly an emoji world out there, which is why we were so glad when the diverse emoji hit our smart phones.  And now, some love for our curly-haired friends from the smart folks at Dove.


Dove Love Your Curls emoji keyboard app

Available free on iTunes and Google Play, the Dove Love Your Curls emoji keyboard app has over 27 emoticons and yes, even GIFs, so you can spread the curly hair love. You’ll find a variety of ethnicities and curl types (any other wavy ladies out there?), all ready to load up on your smart phone for use while texting or on your favorite messaging apps like Viber, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger. And yes, even email or as Liz likes to call them, letters.

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Since we’re all pretty much communicating with as few words as possible these days (ha!), it’s nice that the curly-haired ladies get a little representation too.