If you’re an Amazon Prime member that survived Prime Day 2017 without spending all your money on vitamin supplements and Hummel figurine knockoffs, take a breath, clear your palate, and be sure to check out the new Amazon Exclusives page.

The program feels like Kickstarter meets Groupon meets Fab.com or Quirky, giving you short-term deals on decidedly cool products and brands. But this week, it was the The Sparkr flashlight that immediately grabbed me.

(And sorry to use that term when we’re thinking about brain-eating walkers here.)

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Sparkr LED flashlight-lantern-spark lighter hybrid. Genius! | coolmomtech.com

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On one side of the Sparkr, it’s an LED flashlight with a diffuser cap so it can double as an LED lantern; perfect if you’re reading in the dark, camping, or hiding out in a safe, windowless shack where zombies can’t be drawn to the light.

On the other side, you’ll find a brilliant plasma lighter (i.e. not butane) that sparks to create an electrical arc ready for lighting campfires.

Rain, wind, kids who feel the need to blow out matches before you get to use them — they’re no match for the Sparkr. Plus, there are safety features making it tough for curious little hands to get it working, which is something that parents and scout leaders will definitely want.

It’s so smart! I need one!

And hey, I can have one at a Prime members-only discount if I order now, and hold tight until the August 15 release.

Sparkr flashlight: The one you need in the zombie apocalypse

Just be aware that Amazon is being a little…creative with the discount pricing.

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According to the original Sparkr Kickstarter page, the retail price is revealed to be $49.99. On Amazon, the “20% off” you save is based on a retail price of… $59.99.


While $47.99 plus free shipping is a decent price for the Sparkr, it’s definitely not 20% off unless Power Practical has reconsidered the retail price.

Then again, when the zombie apocalypse comes, money will mean nothing and Sparkr flashlights will be worth at least a supply of barely-expired antibiotics and a few crates of jerky. I’d say get one.

Find the The Sparkr hybrid flashlight-lantern-plasma lighter on our affiliate Amazon at an exclusive discount for Prime Members now through July 15, 2017, with shipping August 15. It should be available later for all shoppers at prices TBD.