Since more and more upper and middle schools are requiring laptops or iPads in the classroom, we wanted to take a look at the best laptop bags for kids. Our requirements: They have to offer good support for our kids backs with all that heavy tech in there,  and enough padding to keep those expensive devices safe when our kids walk in the door…and promptly toss their laptop backpacks on the floor.


We’re also big on laptop bags that are so sturdy, they come with decent warranties, and all three of these fit the bill.

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Best laptop bags for teens that will last: Speck's Mightypack is not only well designed and sturdy, it has a solid warranty

We’re all fans of Speck backpacks, thanks in part to the brand’s generous three-year warranty. My personal favorite of their laptop bags though, is the Speck Mightypack (also at top), which has a padded interior compartment that offers room for both a laptop and a tablet — a smart alternative to laptop backpacks that stash tablets in the front of the bag.

There is, however, a hard shell compartment on the front that’s perfect for smaller devices like phones, headphones chargers, or other items that could get damaged easily.  Smartly designed and convenient.

The padded laptop compartment (up to a 15″ laptop) in the back part of the bag zips open so that it lays completely flat, with a full tech organization compartment opposite it. So yeah, you can tote a whole lot more than just your laptop.

(Find the Mightypack on Amazon right now, while it’s 56% off!)




Best laptop backpacks that will last: The Pivoter from NorthFace

If you’re looking for comfort first and foremost, the  NorthFace Pivoter backpack is the way to go. The padded straps, air-flow channel on the back padding, and different sizes for men and women, make it feel like it’s custom designed just for the wearer. And you can find it in tons of color combinations; my kids like the idea of picking their school colors.

Best of all,  I love that it comes with NorthFace’s lifetime warranty, which is the real deal. In fact they recently replaced a 20-year-old sleeping bag for me after the zipper broke. That’s legit customer service.

There are two zippered compartments on the bag, and there’s a sleeve inside the back compartment to fit your 15″ laptop.


Best laptop bags for teens that will last: The new Mexxenger bag from Paix has some remarkable features!

If you want an alternative to a backpack, I received a press sample of the new Mexxenger laptop bag by Paix to test drive, and I’m way more impressed than I thought I’d be.

It’s a messenger-style bag with an extra strap to provide a more secure fit when it’s slung over your teens’ back, especially if they’re biking home from school.  I love that they use recycled and repurposed materials like bike tires, sails, and seat belts to help construct this laptop bag. But I think what will excite teens most are the smart display badges, which are designed to function as a bike turn signal, a light, or even to display their current mood via emoji. Just for fun.

(Is there a disaffected with life emoji, again? Would that be the rolling eyes face?)

The padded laptop sleeve sits in the back of the bag, closest to your body, suitable for a 13″ or 15″ laptop depending on the size you choose.

Grab one at a great deal since it’s currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter for an expected December delivery date; that two-year guarantee inspires confidence. So does the fact that it’s already more than doubled its original goal.