Gaming has taken over the world — or at least our kids’ brains, same as it did when we were kids (ahem). But what our kids have that we didn’t have back in the day is such an amazing collection of cool gamer school supplies.

Whether they’re into classics like Pokemon and Mario, the ubiquitous Minecraft, or the stuff you probably don’t understand whatsoever (Five Nights at Freddy’s, anyone?) we’ve put together just a few of our favorite back-to-school goodies with gaming themes that our kids will adore.

Sorry, no FPS games. We’re parents, yo. Go to your cool aunt for that one.

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Top: Poké Ball Lunch Pail ($14.99 on sale, Think Geek)

Retro gaming high tops | back to school supplies for gamers |
Retro Gaming High Tops ($59.95 on sale, Groove Bags)
Men’s/Women’s sizes only so kids with big feet, you’re in luck
Pokemon Munchlax lunch bag | cool back to school gamer gear |
Pokemon Munchlax Lunch Bag ($13.99 on sale, Think Geek)

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Nintendo Mario handmade pencil case | best gamer gear for back to school
Nintendo Pencil Case ($14, Treetz Boutique on Etsy)


Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Link backpack, now on sale! | cool gamer back to school gear |

Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Link Backpack
($44.99, Spencer’s Gifts where school gear is 50% off right now!)

cool gamer school supplies | Minecraft Lunch Pack | back to school shopping 2017
Minecraft Lunch Pack ($14.99, Target)

cool gamer school supplies | Overwatch Keychains | back to school shopping 2017
Overwatch Acrylic Keychains ($7+, Stephology Shop on Etsy)
Playstation icon beanie: Cool gamer school supplies |

Playstation Beanie ($10.49 on sale, Hot Topic)

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cool gamer school supplies | Five Nights at Freddys Foxy Lunchbox | back to school shopping 2017
Five Nights at Freddy’s Foxy Lunchbox ($20, Journeys)
Mario Backpack: So great! | cool gamer back to school gear
Mario Backpack ($79.99, Spencer’s Gifts)
cool gamer school supplies | Nintendo Controller Notebook | back to school shopping 2017
Nintendo Controller Notebook ($29.98, Amazon)
Nintendo Super Mario Bros watch | cool gamer school supplies |

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Watch ($13.74 on sale, Hot Topic)

cool gamer school supplies | Pokemon Ghost Backpack | back to school shopping 2017
Pokemon Ghost Backpack ($24.43 on sale, Hot Topic)
Play like a girl gamer t-shirt | cool back to school gear for gamers |
Play Like a Girl Gamer T-Shirt ($19.95, Cafe Press)