If you or your tween or teen loves those glitter-filled iPhone cases, you know, the ones with liquid and floating sparkles and designs, you’ll want to check the manufacturer stat. The CPSC has recently issued a recall because there have been numerous reports that the liquid inside could cause chemical burns. Eep.

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These cases, all made by manufacturer MixBin Electronics, have been sold in places like Amazon, Henri Bendel, and Nordstrom Rack, just to name a few, and in about 24 reported cases (so far, that is), the chemical inside has leaked out and caused skin irritation and burns. And, not all the iPhone cases were broken when the issues occurred.

You can find all the recalled cases listed over at the CPSC page, with photos and ID numbers. If you do own one of these cases, be sure to contact the manufacturer for a full refund.

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There are other glitter-filled iPhone cases on the market, like the popular ones from Case-mate, but we have yet to hear about any complaints from those phones. However, if you or your tween or teen owns one, we’d suggest contacting the manufacturer to get more information about what’s inside, just to be on the safe side.

(via Buzzfeed; Case images via CPSC)

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