With tasty rainbow recipes on Cool Mom Eats, and cute rainbow crafts for kids on Cool Mom Picks, we wanted to get in on the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Here, 5 fun rainbow iPhone cases to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, though really, we think rainbows work all year long.

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Rainbow iPhone 6 case 

Rainbow iPhone cases: Rainbow iPhone 6 case by Stella McCartney

I know a few tweens and teens who would love to get their hands on this case from Stella McCartney. Though hey, if you have trouble finding your phone, you might want to consider something like this for yourself.

Rainbow Ombré iPhone 7 case

Rainbow iPhone cases: Rebecca Minkoff rainbow ombré case

I’m digging this stylish, more subtle option from Rebecca Minkoff, that’s still festive without being over the top.

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3D Rainbow iPhone 6 case

Rainbow iPhone cases: Valfre 3D Rainbow case at Urban Outfitters

Even though this Valfre case might not be the most comfortable or practical choice, it just made me smile thinking of seeing someone holding it up to their ear on a call.

Glitter iPhone 6 case

Rainbow iPhone cases: Glitter rainbow from Society6

Here’s a glam rainbow case from Society6 (love them!) that’s bold and bright with my favorite kind of glitter: a photo print so it won’t shed all over your hands or clothes.

Rainbow emoji iPhone 7 case

Rainbow iPhone Cases: Rainbow emoji case from case-mate

Rainbows and emojis! It’s like two birds with one stone, all in a very protective tough layers case from case-mate.

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