Imagine me trying to get my four kids — and their backpacks, tennis gear, snacks for the Scout meeting, and awkward diaper bag — out of the car and into school . . . in the pouring rain. It looks a little like something you’d see on the “before” scene of an infomercial. Of course, I’m soaking wet because I can’t get the dang umbrella open while I’m also trying to flip open the jogging stroller for the toddler. (Yeah right, it’s for all their stuff, while I carry the toddler.)

Well, that’s why I had a little mini freak out when I discovered the e-Motion motorized umbrella which Kristen saw in action a few months ago. It actually opens and closes at the touch of a button, like magic.

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Not only is this umbrella completely covered in teflon, so basically, nothing is getting past it, but when it’s closed, it’s just slightly longer than a ruler, which means you can toss it in your bag and actually have it with you when it rains. Which is more than I can say for my huge, oversized golf umbrella that sits in the back of my car.

Now, you will need to keep it charged, but even if it runs out while you’re out, you can still open it manually. Phew.

Granted, a pricey, tech-savvy umbrella isn’t for everyone, but for those of you city dwellers, (or those of you with kids who walk to school every day), this is pretty freaking awesome. Just be sure you add a Tile to it, because at this price, you’ll want to be sure you never leave it anywhere.

You can find the e-Motion motorized umbrella at our affiliate Amazon. And yeah, it’s pricey. That said, it does have a lifetime guarantee backing it up. 

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