I’ve seen lots of different photo ornaments that you can make or order, but none like this clever DIY tutorial for iPhone photo ornaments we found at Chica Circle, created by Elba at Live Colorful.

And hooray, it looks like even us not-so-crafty folks could figure how to make them. No expensive crafting tools required.

With a little air-dry modeling clay, paint, and Mod Podge, (well, and your photos printed out — we’ve long loved the HP Sprocket for affordable, small photo prints) you can turn your favorite photos  into adorable ornaments.

(2021 update: Please note the site isn’t fully functional but it’s easy to follow the instructions and use the photos here as a guide — you could even do your own using a heavy paper stock plus a photo)

iPhone Christmas photo ornament DIY from Live Colorful

And by the way, wouldn’t that make a fantastic DIY gift? You can even turn them into special gift tags for your friends and family members. Heck, you could even have this as a holiday party activity (and goody bag gift) with the iPhone ornaments premade and a photobooth app and printer setup on the side.

And from what I can tell, you can get your kids to help out, and enjoy a little screen time without the screen. Ha!


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