We’ve shared all sorts of ways the Amazon Echo can help make your life as a busy parent a whole lot easier, but one we didn’t include was how you can use it to make your grocery list. Turns out, with a simple app download, you can use Alexa to create a smart, categorized shopping list that you can email or text to yourself (or anyone with whom the list is shared).

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Just this morning on our Recipe Rescue Facebook group, a bunch of members shared how they use Alexa combined with the AnyList app (which also works with Siri too, by the way) to create their shopping list. Simply download the free app, then enable that skill with Alexa. Then, all you need to do is tell Alexa to “add milk to your AnyList shopping list” and it will do just that. But what’s extra cool is that the app will carefully categorize your items so they’re easy to find when you’re in the store.

All you’ll need to do is pull up the list on your app, or if your partner is stopping, text or email them the list so they have it. If they’re already on the app, you can share the list so they can add items too.

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The only downside: make sure your kids don’t figure out how to add items. If your kids are like mine, you’ll end up at the grocery store with 14 ice cream flavors on your “frozen foods” list.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash