Now more than ever, making our voices heard has become a priority for many of us. So when we saw this new, tiny piece of tech called BEAM Authentic, we were immediately intrigued.

BEAM is a wearable screen, slightly larger than a poker chip, that displays any message or photo of your choice — from a custom message you design to one you choose from their gallery (including gifs, whoo!). The three stripe logo represents their commitment to end discrimination and violence, keep and open mind, and act with compassion and respect. Those are values we can definitely get behind.

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BEAM wearable tech: Choose a display image, or design your own

Of course, you can use BEAM to share a mood-lifting quote while you’re out running errands, or upload your child’s sports team photo for their next game. But where BEAM transitions from cute accessory to smart, world-changing device is in that we can beam the women’s march logo, support for OxFam or, the simple, powerful “We stand with Parkland.”

When you choose a pre-loaded charity display, you’re connected to a donation page for that org, so you can put your money where your mouth is. You can even set up your own fundraiser with the appExpress feature inside the BEAM app, whether it’s your kid’s school or Moms Demand Action.

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I was particularly struck by one smart feature of BEAM: its panic button, which sends a pre-set emergency message to up to four contacts, alerting them that you’re in trouble and giving them your GPS location when you hold the button on your beam for 9 seconds. Both reassuring and sobering at the same time. Whatever your cause, BEAM definitely takes that button on your jacket to a whole new level.

You can buy your own BEAM and download the app (iOS and Android) at BEAM Authentic.