If you’re like me, you scramble to text your partner the items you need as you think of them, which makes for a pretty disorganized shopping list. But since discovering the AnyList app in our Recipe Rescue Facebook group, my grocery shopping list is the most organized it’s ever been.

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Now, you can use your Alexa or Siri with AnyList to make grocery shopping list making super simple. But if you’re like me and don’t have Alexa, it’s still a smart choice. You simply create a list, share it with whoever might be stopping at the store (your sitter? your spouse?), and then just add what you need when you need it. When something is purchase, you click on it and boom, it’s checked off.

The AnyList app is the best thing to happen to grocery shopping lists | Cool Mom Tech

It’s taken us a little bit of time to remember to check the list since we never had something like this before, but wow, now that we’re in the groove, it has made our lives so much easier. If you’re not using AnyList yet, you’ll definitely want to download it now and give it a try. I’m pretty impressed with how simple it is to set up and use, and how much headache it’s saving us. Plus, we rarely forget to get anything at the store anymore. Score!