If you’re shopping for a baby gift and want to go in on The Big Gift with a group — or maybe all on your own, generous soul, maybe consider high-tech baby gifts.

Talking to you, best friends from college, generous boss, first-time aunt-to-be, and amazing grandparents.

So I put together four truly amazing high tech baby shower gifts that you may not find most registries but will definitely make any new parents happy. They’re each the right combo of practical, helpful, and very very cool.

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Béaba Babycook Plus

Béaba Babycook Plus is a fantastic, practical, high-tech baby gift

When Beaba launched the original Babycook in 2008 (whoa!) our readers went nuts for it. And so did we. Since then, the’ve continued to innovate, including the new Babycook Plus. And if new parents are planning on making their own baby food, the Babycook Plus is a must-have.

It’s a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster all in one,  meaning it can steam veggies, fruits and meat in less than 15 minutes, helping you get the most nutrients and flavor. You can also puree to various consistencies, giving it legs beyond the first foods stage. And it’s a massive time-saver since you can steam those sweet potatoes in one bowl, while cooking in the other, and one thing we know new parents can use more of, is time.

Oh, and you can do it all with one hand. Whoa.

Beaba Babycook Plus in Cloud: A fab high-tech baby gift

It comes in a few nice colors (though we love this neutral Cloud shade), and if you want to spend a little more, you can also check out the Béaba Babyplus Cook Plus Bundle, which includes a rice insert and a baby food cookbook to help get you started.

($199.95, Pottery Barn Kids; bundle is $208.95 on sale, Béaba website)


Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link Air Purifier 

Great tech baby shower gift splurges: The Dyson Hot-Cool Link Heater/Fan/Air Purifier in One | Cool Mom Tech
The company sent me one to try out and let me tell you, I finally believe the hype. As someone who was paranoid about virtually every heater in our baby room, this heater hybrid takes away all that new mom (and uh, BTDT mom) panic about space heater in general.

The Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link does what it’s supposed to do quietly and efficiently, while the remote or touch pad lets you adjust it to the exact temperature complete with an auto mode and sleep timer. In the summer it converts to a fan that’s as quiet and soothing as a white noise machine. Just note that while it’s called a cooling fan, it doesn’t cool. It’s a fan.

As for the final aspect of the trifecta, the Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link is also an air purifier with a HEPA filter to eliminate 99.97% of allergens and pollutants — especially smart if you have pets, but even captures odors like paint fumes.

Great tech baby shower gift splurges: The Dyson Hot-Cool Link Heater/Fan/Air Purifier | Cool Mom Tech

What people rave about most is that you can connect it to the companion Dyson Link app for real-time air quality reports and smartphone controls. But I have to say, it doesn’t work on 5GHz WiFi networks (like mine), only a 2.4GHz network. That shouldn’t be a big deal for most users, however, I kind of wish they’d fix that.

The best part to me at least though, is that it’s safe! No blades, no exposed hot coils…new parents will sleep better at night, regardless of the temperature outside. And you can even place it on the floor or a low table and not worry (too much) about siblings or the family cat rubbing against it.

($499 on sale, Amazon or Target)


4Moms Mamaroo 4 Infant Seat and Bouncer

4Moms has been at the forefront of bringing technology into classic baby gear essentials, going back to their groundbreaking Origami stroller. Now they’ve updated their popular 2015 Mamaroo baby bouncer chair with the new Mamaroo 4 and…it’s pretty great.

It rocks a baby more like a parent does, offering 5 motions including bouncing and swaying with various speeds and movements that mimic car rides, waves, and tree swings. It’s also got built-in sounds, but more compelling is the MP3 hookup so you can play something better than the tinny music most baby gear has pre-programmed.

It’s even Bluetooth enabled, so you can control it all from your smartphone — which sounds like an “extra” until you have a baby who wakes up the second you enter a room. And stays awake. Forever.

We’re also big fans of the four colors and patterns, which blend into any decor. It really is a great high-tech baby gift, at price that isn’t totally out of the range of a generous group of friends or family.

($249.99, Target)

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The FoldiMate Laundry Folder

High tech baby gifts: FoldiMate laundry folder. Yes, really.

After spending a ton of time gawking over the demo at CES 2018, how could I not include the FoldiMate Laundry Folder as a clever high-tech baby gift idea?

For under $1000 — a price way lower than I had expected —  you can have your very own reasonably-sized Rosie the Robot, ready to fold all your laundry, OCD-style, to any specified width.

(And yes, I was admittedly skeptical when I first saw the demo, so I polled our IG followers and they were into it!)

While you do have to load the items one-at-a-time to begin with, the results are pretty impressive. And though it doesn’t work for baby clothes per se, it will make quick work of all those towels, pillowcases, adult clothes (which will soon be full of fun new stains of all kinds), and children’s clothes starting around size 5.

Foldimate: Perfect high-tech baby gift, since it auto-folds your laundry!

Before you know it, your newborn’s clothes will, in fact, be a size 5. And now parents will have plenty of clean, fresh-folded towels on which to dry your melancholy tears.

($980, FoldiMate; now accepting deposits for expected shipping date of early 2019)