Putting sunscreen on kids can be a battle, but with the new QSun, you might be able to save yourself some of the heartache. No, sorry, it doesn’t automatically protect your kids from sun exposure, but it does alert you when you’ve reached the maximum threshold.

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This tiny little gadget actually tracks sun exposure to help you prevent skin damage while maintaining healthy vitamin D levels, notifying you when you (or anyone wearing it) are about to get sunburned. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), QSun actually monitors and analyzes your sun exposure in real time, combining your skin type, environmental situation, and your sun safety habits to give you custom recommendations. So, instead of you having to drag your kids off the beach to reapply, you can let the gadget do the yelling, or rather, beeping. And better, if you lose track of time, you can rely on QSun to remind you when they need more sunscreen.

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And if you lean towards Vitamin D deficiency like me (especially in those winter months), QSun will alert you to your levels so you can better manage it with dietary changes, if necessary.

Their Kickstarter has already been funded, so gadgets should be in hands by this summer. If you want to get in on their early bird deal, head over to the QSun page and snatch one up before they’re gone.