It’s no surprise that Vestaboard caught our eye. It combines the nostalgia of split-flap boards many of us have seen on our train travels (30th Street Station in Philadelphia, holla!), with the letter boards pretty much everyone, including us, is using on Instagram, all of which you can control with your mobile device. Pretty brilliant.

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You control the content on your Vestaboard through their app, however it also syncs with various other apps as well. So you could display your day’s calendar through Google Calendar, your kid’s sport’s schedule with TeamSnap (which we use in my house), hey even your funny tweet with Twitter. And that’s just a few of the myriad integrations, not to mention your own words from your own brain right up on the board.

Now, this fancy board is not cheap. Actually, that’s kind of an understatement, which is why I see this more as an office tool versus something we common folk would have up in our home. However, it’s kind of like functional, interactive art, that will surely get you lots of compliments and Instagram photos. I’ll leave how much that’s worth up to you.

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