I recently stumbled upon Constantly Curious thanks to a friend who shared it in their feed and I haven’t been able to tear myself away. Thankfully, these entertaining episodes are only a few minutes long, but wow, they’re awesome. And even better, they’re educational, so my kids can watch them too.

Constantly Curious on Facebook

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Created by TED-ED and exclusively available on Facebook Watch, they cover all the questions that keep you up at night, probably because your kids can’t stop asking them. But hey, maybe you’ve thought about them too. They cover everything from what causes baldness to why going without sleep is bad for you, or my personal favorite: which is stronger tape or glue? (Seriously, I’ve always wondered this).

Whether you need a little break from the news or you want to keep your kids occupied with something really smart, I highly suggest you check out these videos. And then share them on your feed, so you can help other people discover them, just like my friend did.