My son is the type of kid who can’t just watch Star Wars and enjoy it as a fun fantasy world. Instead, it gets his mind spinning: How do the AT-ATs really walk? Could Han really have survived being frozen in carbonite? How do the Bacta tanks work?

Well, now we can find the answers on the new digital series Science and Star Wars on the official Star Wars Facebook page. This series created for kids (and adults who are also obsessed this galaxy far, far away) explores the balance between science fiction and science fact in the Star Wars universe. How cool is that?

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Learn with the new Science and Star Wars video series

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These episodes, which are all sponsored by IBM, have a Myth Busters-feel to them, as they look at iconic moments in the movie and recreate them to see if they’re really possible.

I think these are such a great resource for teachers and homeschool parents, who are looking for ways to make science fun and relevant to kids. Although, my guess is that if they’re into Star Wars, they probably already find science to be a pretty cool subject. Either way, these are still entertaining and educational moments for kids that tie into one of their favorite brands. We say, go watch!

You can find the Science and Star Wars videos exclusively on the official Star Wars Facebook page. You’ll probably find some other fun Star Wars goodies there too.