If the mom in your life (maybe you?) is like me, then she spends too much time unraveling her earbuds on a daily basis. That’s why I’m secretly hoping someone in my life sees this post and orders me this leather earphone case from Pottery Barn, with a monogram please.

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I love that it’s a hard case, which makes it stand out in the sea of pouches I’ve already got floating around in my bag, and the customization adds a lovely touch. This also means that no one else can claim the pouch as their own, which we moms know is a gift in and of itself.

If you’re feeling extra gifty, add a pair of cool earbuds in there while you’re at it (I’m loving my AirPods!) and a custom Spotify playlist with all her favorite songs. Bonus points for a few hours alone in a coffee shop to enjoy everything.

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