If you were already a big fan of the Instagram Story poll feature, but felt like it was a little limiting (why only two answers, Instagram?), they just launched a new emoji slider poll that might just give you the voting nuance you were hoping for.

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(I realize “voting nuance” might not have been the exact words you used, but you know what I mean. Hey, I’m a writer here!).

Make sure you have the latest Instagram version, then after you upload a photo to your story, hit the stickers tab, then the emoji slider. You can add your own question, and even choose your own emoji (which to me is the fun part). Once it’s posted, if you swipe up on that slide, you’ll be able to see who voted and how they voted. This also means be careful how you vote if someone’s like “does my butt look big in these jeans?” because they will be able to see that you thought “yes, yes it does.”


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