If you’re like me, you’re the person who’s always cold when everyone is comfortable, or always hot when everyone is perfectly pleasant. It feels like I just described menopause, but that’s actually not it. Yet. Either way, I’m still super intrigued by Embr Wave, a wearable that warms or cools one spot on your body to help you feel warmer or colder without changing your core body temperature. Their Kickstarter was fully funded last year, and they’ve just launched their first batch of sold-out wearables in May. But don’t worry, they’ve got a bunch left for June if this piques your geek.

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It’s based on the same concept of cupping your hands around a hot cup of coffee to give you a comforting feeling of warmth, and running your wrists under cold water works to cool you down. Except, with intelligent engineering designed at MIT.

What you might not know is that your wrist is one of the body’s comfort control zones. Along with being a pulse point, it’s got a ton of temperature-sensitive nerve endings. So, when you press and hold the Wave’s temperature control bar, you can activate a wave of heating or cooling on your wrist, which then triggers your body’s comfort response. Suddenly, you’re able to manage warm or cold.

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Oh how I would have loved to have the Embr Wave when I was freezing my butt off at the theater last week. Or the time a few days ago when I sitting at the pool with my kids burning up.

Don’t be surprised that this level of tech will cost you a pretty penny, but I can definitely see where this could be worth it for certain folks, especially those of you who travel a lot, or those of us in peri or actual menopause.

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