If you’re needing a little break from your Facebook feed, but still would like to be able to post, check your messages, and see your groups, then you should get Kill News Feed, a Chrome extension that will block out just your feed.

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Of course, you actually need to be using Chrome (stating the obvious, perhaps?), and then just click “Add to Chrome.” It’s just that simple. When you actually want to see your news feed, just disable it and go back to reading all the uplifting stuff you might have missed. And by uplifting I mean, well. You know what I mean.

It’s not a bad productivity tool either, so when Facebook goes back to being a happy place, like in a few years (ha. sob), you can use it to make sure you get all your work done. Until then, this might help give you a way to not want to throw your computer through a window. Or something like that.

Thanks Jill!