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If you’ve ever told your kids not to play with their food, well, now there’s one way they totally can: Fruits vs Veggies Supermarket App for iOS and Android.

This fun, safe, and simple interactive app features six loveable, cuddly characters from the Fruits vs Veggies universe — Quin the Cucumber, Addi the Potato, Kai the Pineapple, Nina the Banana, Han the Pumpkin and Otto the Tomato.  When the lights in the supermarket dim, they come alive and magic happens.

Because in this market, anything goes!

Kinsane Fruits vs Veggies Supermarket app for iOS and Android offers hours of safe, fun, self-directed playtime for kids (sponsor This self-guided, pretend play shopping game lets kids grab pasta or pizzas from the shelves, shop til they drop, pack up their carts like pros, or (because, you know kids) go wild and litter the store with groceries. There’s tons for them to click, explore and discover.

They can even bake up fresh bread, make a giant sandwich, sauté up some pasta, pour themselves some soft-serve ice cream cones, or grab some fruit off the shelves to blend up a virtual fruit smoothie.

With so many foods to cook, items to explore, and games to play in the games and puzzles section, it’s such a sweet, safe way to give kids lots of fun that they’ll enjoy coming back to.

(Yep, there are even jigsaw puzzles for kids to do, too.)

Kinsane Fruits Vs Veggies app for kids offers fun, safe, self-directed playtime (sponsor)

Best of all, when you play together with your kids, there are so many opportunities to talk about all the different foods available to us and get kids excited about eating, shopping and cooking.

Bonus: there’s no clean-up for you when your kids are through.

Find the Fruits vs Veggies Supermarket App for iOS on iTunes, or find Fruits vs Veggies Supermarket App for Android on Google Play

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