The MAKERphone is about to give an answer to that nagging question parents frequently get, because now when kids ask for a mobile phone, parents can just say: Go make it yourself.

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This educational DIY phone actually lets your very tech savvy tween or teen (or hey, maybe you) code and build their own phone. Keep in mind, actual tools and wires are involved, so let’s just say this is not a fun, little afternoon tech project. This is a pretty hard core kit that truly teaches kids about wires and chips (aka hardware), along with the ability to learn and use Python and Scratch. It even has a color screen.

Makerphone on Kickstarter

Right now, MAKERphone is a Kickstarter project, which means you can help fund this project for just under $100 and get your own kit next year in March. It’s not a bad idea for a holiday gift (tuck a card into their stocking that says “coming soon”), especially if you’ve got a kid who loves STEM. Or maybe you’re looking for the ultimate parent and kid project to do together. You know, a little forced family fun to get them to earn their own phone.