We’ve covered a ton of topics on our Spawned with Kristen and Liz podcast in 2018. From time saving hacks to how to be a happier parent, we’ve had a blast chatting with each other, and our esteemed guests, about parenting and parenting culture. And we hope you’ve enjoyed listening.

So, we thought it would be fun to share our most popular Spawned podcasts in 2018 (based on downloads). Now, we know that many of you binge listen, so you might not have gotten to our most recent episodes just yet. But there are no awards for most downloads here. Just a little fun to end the year on a high note, and a small way for us to say thanks to our guests and you, our listeners, for subscribing and listening to us every week.

And hey, if you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s the perfect time. We’ve got almost 150 episodes to listen to, plus lots more coming in 2019.

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10. How to survive the toddler years, with Dr. Heather Wittenberg, aka The BabyShrinkOur special guest answered your questions about toddlers, from sleeping and eating, to crying and peeing.

9. Have youth sports gotten out of control?  After a New Jersey lawmaker warned parents to not get physical at kids’ sports games, we decided it was high time to tackle (heh, get it) this topic.

8. Should you quit Facebook? So, remember that whole Cambridge Analytica thing? Well, the news of Facebook hasn’t really died down in 2018. This is timely even now, as we see lots of friends leaving this social media network.

Preschool Clues: An interview with Angela Santomero on Cool Mom Picks Spawned Podcast

7. How to raise smart, engaged kids in this screen-filled world. What a thrill to chat with Blues Clues co-created Angela Santomero about her new book, as well as her tips about raising kids in this digital age.

6. Our extra special super awesome 100th episodeOn this special episode, we share 14 of our all-time favorite shows.

5. How to be a happier parent, with KJ Dell’Antonia. Our friend KJ talks about her book and shares her simple, insightful tips and tricks for making our lives as parents a whole lot happier.

Why ignoring your kids could actually be good for them | Spawned with Kristen and Liz

4. Why ignoring your kids could be the best thing for themOne of our most popular episodes, we decided to run it again because we got so much positive feedback. Dr. Catherine Pearlman offers excellent advice when it comes to dealing with your kid’s negative behaviors.

3. Time saving hacks with Amiyrah Martin. What a pleasure to chat with our friend Amiyrah, who’s got so many amazing ways to manage your time. Seriously life changing for us.

2. How to deal with mean girls (no, not the Broadway Musical). Author Katie Hurley had lots of helpful advice and insight for parents when it comes to raising strong, resilient daughters.

1. The power of positivityThe always inspirational Sandy Joy Weston joined us to share her tips for finding and keeping a positive attitude. So timely as we go into 2019.

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