With a few of our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook Group members looking to gift a Nintendo Switch to their kid this holiday season, we’ve had a few awesome threads about the popular gadget, including the cool Nintendo Switch accessories. If you’re giving the gift of the Switch for the holidays, or want to gift your Switch lover something they’ll love, take a look at these 10 Nintendo Switch accessories that were recommended by the parents in our group.

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Updated for 2019

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Joy-Con Grip Handle kit 

Joy-Con Grip Handle kit: Best Nintendo Switch accessories

We’ve found over the years of having our Nintendo Switch that grips like this are essential. This grip handle kit has very high Amazon ratings, and comes in a pack of two. Perfect!

amFilm tempered glass screen protector

Must-have Nintendo Switch accessories: Screen protector

This is a smart, simple, and very affordable way to protect your Nintendo Switch screen, which, if it’s in the hands of kids, well, let’s just say it’s a smart investment.

Nintendo Switch headrest mount

Best Nintendo Switch accessories: Headrest mount

For long car-rides, this Nintendo Switch headrest mount is brilliant. No tools required to use this, by the way. Just slip it onto a headrest and they’re ready to play.

Joy-Con controllers 

Nintendo Switch accessories: Joy-Con controllers

If the Nintendo Switch is a family gift, or for multiple siblings, do yourself a favor and invest in extra controllers. The Joy-Con controllers are top-rated, with around 20 hours of battery life.

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Anker Portable Battery Charger

Anker Portable Battery Charger: Must have Nintendo Switch accessories

It’s worth investing in a solid portable battery charger. This model, from Anker, can fully charge the switch up to four times. Plus, you can use it with all your other gadgets too.

Orzly Nintendo Switch carrying case

Nintendo Switch Accessories: Orzly Travel Case

This is the Nintendo Switch travel case I purchased for my son, and I’ve been very pleased with its performance. I especially like the room for extra controllers, and the pocket for game cards.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

These aren’t the greatest for travel, but if you’ve got an avid Nintendo Switch home player, these pro controllers are awesome, and will help save their hands from getting too tired.

Joy-Con charging grip

Must-have Nintendo Switch accessories: Joy-Con charging grip

A few of our parents recommended this Joy-Con charging grip, as it makes holding the small controllers a whole lot easier, and keeps them wrangled when not in use.

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Nintendo Switch game card holder


 Nintendo Switch Accessories: Game Card Holder

A game card holder is a smart investment, because if your kids are like mine, they rarely end up back in their original case.

Nintendo Switch car charger


Nintendo Switch accessories: Car charger

If you plan on using your Nintendo Switch for travel, which is one of the popular uses of this very portable gaming console, it’s a good idea to grab a car charger to make charging on the go a whole lot easier.