We know shopping for teen gifts can be pretty challenging, but in our experience, tech is pretty much always a hit. All year long, we’ve been keeping our eyes on the hottest new tech trends so we can share them with you (and us too) this holiday season.

Keep in mind, we also have some fabulous recommendations for tech gifts for tweens and big kids coming soon, but these tech gifts for teens are for our older kids who know how to use (and take care of) these gifts. Well, hopefully. Truth be told, we’d be happy getting any of these gifts ourselves even though we’re a few years past our teens. Ha.

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Polariod POP Digital Camera

Polariod POP Instant Digital Camera
Nothing beats the instant-gratification of a Polaroid camera printing your photo out seconds after you take it. And we’re seriously impressed with the new Polariod POP, which lets you print photos with their iconic border but also stores photos and digital video too. ($199)

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Gifts for Teens | Cinemood projector

Cinemood portable movie projector
This tiny projector is just 3″ big, but it can display up to a 12-foot digital image on your wall. Slumber party movie night, made. But what will keep your kids coming back to use this one over and over is the fact that you can access your favorite streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, you get the idea. And as a mom who’s becoming more and more concerned about blue light effects on my kids, I like that Cinemood gives your eyes a break by eliminating blue light. It’s pricey, but really, really cool. ($350)

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Nintendo Labo Robot

Nintendo Labo
This cool new Nintendo Switch capability allows your kids to build their own robots, vehicles and gaming accessories out of cardboard, then use them as controllers for their Switch games. There are a variety of kits to choose from, but if you have a STEM-loving teen who already has a Nintendo Switch at home, this will be a big winner. ($60+)

Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | the new MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air
Liz wrote about why we think the new MacBook Air a perfect laptop for families, at Apple’s most affordable price yet. So if a new laptop is on your kids’ need list as well as their wishlist, we think the holidays are a perfect time to splurge on a new computer.

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Tech gifts for teens | 3Doodler Clutch Kit

3Doodler Create Clutch Kit
The clever 3Doodler pen lets your teen create any 3D object they dream up, simply by drawing it. But this clutch kit gives them the accessories they’ll need to create their own bag with a cool wave or trendy floral design on it. Note: you also need the 3Doodler Create + pen in order to complete the project. ($24.99 plus the pen)


Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Xbox One X

Xbox One X
Want to win best mom-dad-aunt-grandparent-uncle ever this year? Give your teen the new Xbox One X. It’s the top-of-the-line console, with 1 terabyte of memory for super-fast game play. And select new games have earned the “Xbox One X Enhanced” logo, meaning they’ve been built to take full advantage of this console’s power. In other words, it’s crazy good.

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Hover-1 Eclipse scooter with LED lights and Bluetooth speakers

Hover-1 Eclipse with Bluetooth speakers
We love the safety features built into this updated scooter — like overcharge protection and ultra-bright LED headlights. But our kids love that they can connect their phones to play music via the scooter’s Bluetooth speakers as they glide down the sidewalk. ($209)


Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts for Teens| Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
This is going to be the game of the season, and we can see why. Super Smash Bros. has all our favorite characters, from Mario & Luigi to Link and Donkey Kong. It’s great for family play — our families love the player battles, where we can play against each other — but also good, clean fun for kids to play on their own. Prime members, pre-order before the December 7 release date and get $10 credit to your account. ($60)


Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Sonos One + HAY limited edition speakers

Limited edition HAY + Sonos One speakers
We’ve been longtime fans of Sonos speakers and their room-filling sound. Their new collaboration with Danish designers HAY to create this limited edition series of their popular Sonos One speakers is perfect for teens who want a little more color than their usual black or white speakers. Get them while you can; they won’t be here forever. ($229)

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Bluetooth Beanie

Beanie with Bluetooth speakers
This smart beanie has Bluetooth headphones built right in, so your teens can go in and out of the cold weather without missing any of those educational podcasts they’re listening too. Ha, we’re kidding. But in addition to streaming their music for 5 straight hours, they can also answer calls and even skip ahead to the exact song they’re looking for. ($25)

Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | GoPro Karma drone with Hero6 camera

GoPro Karma drone with Hero6 camera
Let’s be honest, this GoPro drone + camera combo is a huge splurge, but if you have a kid who’s serious about photography and filmmaking this would be an amazing gift to get their career started. The price includes the drone and the camera, so it’s everything you need in one package. And, it’s actually discounted $300 right now, so you’re still saving a bundle. That said, you can also think about an entry level drone or a GoPro Hero without the drone too. ($700)

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Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | HP Sprocket Printer

HP Sprocket portable photo printer
We keep coming back to the HP Sprocket for anyone on your holiday gift list, especially teens. This tiny, portable printer (it’s smaller than your phone) fits in your pocket, but it prints high quality photos on sticker paper via Bluetooth. Your teen can take it to their next sleepover and all their friends can connect to it to print their favorite pictures of the night.  ($120)

Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts for Teens | Harry Potter Bluetooth Speaker

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Bluetooth speaker
For those Potterheads out there, this gorgeous Bluetooth speaker is the perfect fangirl or fanboy gift. We’d include the series on audiobook too, for your younger fans to listen to as they go to bed at night. ($80, Pottery Barn Teen)


Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | Texting Gloves by Free People

Free People texting gloves
It’s not like they’re going to give up texting all winter, right? But taking gloves on and off to let mom know you’ve arrived safely is so annoying. We love these chunky-knit Free People fingerless gloves designed to let them keep on texting without letting their hands freeze. ($48)


Tech Holiday Gift Guide: Teen Tech Gifts | PlayStation VR Headset by Sony

PlayStation VR by Sony
There are tons of VR options out there now, from really cheap to really expensive, but Sony’s VR headset for PlayStation is a top choice from reviewers at a mid-range price. And for teens who are into gaming (and already have a PlayStation 4) this is a great choice. It has simple plug-and-play functionality, and takes games to a whole new level. ($215)

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