Just in time for Christmas, we’ve found 7 festive Echo skills that make the holidays just a little more fun, for your kids and for you too. And hey, if you don’t have an Amazon Echo just yet, this might be reason to ask Santa for one. Hey, maybe he’ll even deliver it a little early.

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Track Santa. Enable the NORAD skill and Alexa will let you know Santa’s exact whereabouts.

Find out when Santa is coming. With the Santa Countdown skill, you can ask when Santa will be here and Alexa will tell you.

Get answers to your tricky Santa questions. Do your kids have some hard questions — like, How does Santa deliver packages to kids with out a chimney? You’re off the hook, because the Ask Santa skill will answer them for you.

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Find out weird Christmas facts. Enable the Interesting Christmas skill, and Alexa will tell you everything from weird Christmas laws to when people started decorating Christmas trees.

Geek out on your Christmas Vacation movie trivia. Christmas Vacation Trivia skill will quiz you on all things Griswold.

Never forget a brilliant Christmas gift idea. We love the Any.do skill for adding items to our to-do list, including those brilliant in-the-moment gift ideas you don’t want to forget.

Get a cocktail recipe, when you want it. Need help mixing up a Moscow Mule or an Old Fashioned for your holiday party? The Cocktail Recipes skill will walk you through it.