The Netflix fake ball drop has been a total parents’ New Year’s Eve lifesaver for us. If you haven’t heard of this magic yet, you’ve got to check it out. If your kids are too young (or you’re too tired, ha!) to stay up till the new year, just turn one of these family friendly ball drops anytime you want, then tuck your kids in bed way earlier than midnight.

Like we said, brilliant!

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This year they have 14 different family friendly countdowns for kids of all ages to choose from. We’re talking everything from Boss Baby, Super Monsters and True and the Rainbow Kingdom for the preschool set, all the way to Fuller House, Alexa and Katie and Prince of Peoria for your tweens and older kids.

So turn the clocks ahead a few hours when the kids aren’t looking, then log into Netflix. Because that 9 pm ball drop is sounding pretty great about now.