One thing I know about my daughter: She looooves her Pop Socket grip on the back of her phone — and she also tends to drop said phone. A lot. We insisted on an Otterbox phone case for protection long ago, but I may be willing to let her switch it up, thanks to the brand new, very smart Otter + Pop Symmetry series case, a collaboration between Otterbox and Pop Sockets.

Parents? I am here for this!

I love that more kids’ devices (provided they have an iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8Plus, X and Xs) will get the trusted protection of an Otterbox Symmetry case, with that fun PopGrip built right in to make it easier to grasp (i.e. not drop) or to prop up the phone for viewing.

The grip even pushes in flush with the case when not in use, which even the originals don’t do.

The new Otterbox x Pop Socket cases give protection plus a convenient grip and stand in lots of styles


While there will only be a few PopGrip styles to start — and they are pretty nice looking from what I’ve seen — you can add in any swappable PopTop for 8 bucks, should your kid absolutely die, Mom, I’ll die! without that soccer ball, rainbow thunderbolt or heart-shaped sprinkle donut that makes their phone more “them.”

Hey, it may even make up for the fact that you forced them to use an Otterbox case in the first place, instead of that cheapie, no-protection case with the glitter that they saw in Claire’s. Yo, phones are expensive, kids! Even the hand-me-downs.

Find the new Otter + Pop Symmetry series case on starting at $59.95 this spring. Sign up on the website to get an alert when it goes live.