With lots of snow falling around the country this week and temperatures at a ridiculous record-breaking low (and a bunch of snow days in our future), many of us will be finding ourselves outside shoveling and freezing our butts off in the process. That’s why I wanted to share Snohub, new app I recently discovered that could really help.

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While they can’t do anything about the -50 temperatures in the midwest, they can get you someone to shovel your driveways and pathways, even lay salt down. Once you download this free app, you sign up and agree to an extremely long terms of service, and then it finds your location. You’ll add your specifications and requests: how long is your driveway and pathway, and what would you like them to do (shovel when snow is over? do you need a snow blower?).

Snohub helps you find people to remove your snow for you | Cool Mom Tech

They’ll offer you a quote, and then you can place your order. Now, given that I don’t currently have snow in my driveway, I didn’t personally place an order, however, I did get to see the cost, which for my medium length driveway and pathway to be shoveled, along with salt, was around $80 here in the suburbs of Philadelphia. To me, that seems high for a little bit of snow, but if we’re talking up to six inches in this cold, I might be willing to pay that. (It is more money for snow over 6 inches, keep that in mind). What’s nice is that you can order it for someone else, so if you have an elderly family member or a single mom who might need some help, you can send someone to them and pay for it in your account, which I think is awesome. Let’s be honest, you’re definitely paying for the convenience factor here, but if you don’t want to contract someone out for every single snow, this is a helpful option.

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Snohub is currently available in 23 states and in Calgary, Alberta Canada, with hopefully more states rolling out soon, especially considering it looks like we’re in for a very long winter (not to step on your toes, Groundhog, but just taking a wild guess). And while the app was a little glitchy, it’s nice to know I’ve got it in my back pocket if we get dumped on and my kids and I can only last enough for part of our pathway before they need a hot chocolate break.

Photo by Joy Real on Unsplash

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