If you haven’t heard, Disney is launching a paid streaming service in November that everyone is talking about and well, based on the Disney+ launch show line-up we’re seeing, we’re not surprised about the hype. We just got a peek at everything that will be offered when Disney+ hits in the fall, and it’s pretty exciting.

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What you need to know about Disney+ streaming service, launching in November

For $7/month or $70/year, it looks like you’ll have immediate access to 18 Pixar movies (including favorites like Toy Story, Cars, and Incredibles), 13 Disney classics, and over 5000 episodes of Disney Channel shows, and that’s just at launch! You’ll also get all the Star Wars movies (holla!), as well as a new Star Wars show “Mandalorian.” And Simpsons fans, get excited because you’ll be getting 650 episodes of the iconic show.

I honestly hadn’t even thought twice about Disney+ it until I saw all this content, and well, I’m definitely marking my calendar. We’ve paid way more for a single movie than what we’ll get access to for just the price of one month.

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