You’ve probably already figured out how to use the Screen Time app on iPhone to help manage your child’s screen time. Screen Time makes it easy to block and set limits on categories of apps, specific apps during Downtime, or just screen time overall, but if you want to set a limit on specific apps when your kids are not in Downtime, it’s pretty tricky.

Thankfully, Lindsay, a parent in our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook Group, shared the process she discovered so we can share it with you. This way, if you want to be able to limit which apps your kids are using during their allotted screen time, you can do it pretty easily. Thanks, Lindsay!

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How to set limits on specific apps on the Screen Time app 

How to block specific apps using Screen Time on iPhone

1. Once you’re in the Screen Time app (Settings > Screen Time), you’ll tap the graph, choose today (or the last 7 days), and then select the app to limit.

How to block certain apps on the iPhone with the Screen Time app

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2. Tap the app you’d like to limit, then scroll all the way down to where it says “Add Limit.”

How to set time limits on specific apps using Screen Time on iPhone

3. Now you can set how long your child is able to spend on specific apps. Done!

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top photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash