I’ve written a few times here at Cool Mom Tech about my love-hate relationship with the new MacBook, particularly the butterfly keyboard. It makes typing so incredibly fast and easy, but it gets stuck very easily. And it’s not just me! It’s such a pervasive problem that when a few of my colleagues texted me with triple letters or weird spacing, I have asked them “New Mac keyboard” and they’re all like “YES!”

This also means there’s a lot of help on the Internet to help you fix it, including the new Keyboard Service Program from Apple because it’s actually a design flaw that they’re now offering to fix.

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How to clean your butterfly keyboard | YouTube video by Luke Miani

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If you want to try to fix your sticky keys before you take it in for service, there are a few things that have worked for me. First up, do your best not to eat around your keyboard. As someone who’s on her computer all day, this is a little tricky to avoid, but it’s definitely helped. Of course, that doesn’t remedy an already sticky key, so I’d suggest you get a can of compressed air and spray your keys. And if that doesn’t work, I found that this method by Luke Miani on YouTube (above) is very effective. Just be careful!

Now, if none of those methods work for you, or you just want to get the thing fixed and not bother with all of these band-aids, you can choose from a few different options to take advantage of the Apple Keyboard Service Program. Be sure to check their site to see which models apply, then decide which option you’d prefer, keeping in mind that whatever you choose, you’re going to be computerless. But at least you’ll have a new keyboard, or at least, new replacement keys, and won’t have to explain why your emails have no capital letters because you, like me, had a shift key that kept getting stuck.

Photo by Markus Petritz on Unsplash