Attention, new parents! We’ve found one of the coolest new high-tech baby products: the Nanit Breathing Wear that monitors baby’s breathing for you by “reading” ink patterns on the swaddle or breathing band. We’ve been fans of the Nanit monitor for awhile now, but this new innovation seems pretty impressive.

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Nanit Breathing Wear Kit helps parents breathe easier

I know that as the parent of a newborn, I spent a lot of time squinting at the screen of my monitor, trying to discern if my kid’s chest was moving up and down. So I like that Nanit keeps an (much more accurate) eye on your baby’s breathing, long after the parental units have drifted off to sleep. And unlike the Owlet, another baby monitor we discovered at CES a couple of year ago, the Nanit doesn’t have the potential to get kicked off.

Nanit offers a swaddle with the special breathing pattern on it, or just a simple sleep band you can wrap around a onesie or sleep sack you already you own. The sleepwear is compatible with the Nanit monitor, which you’ll need to buy if you don’t already own one. Plus, you can watch and listen to your baby right on your smartphone — no separate screen required. Here’s to helping parents of newborns breathe a little easier.