Breaking news! Apple just announced the new AirPods Pro bluetooth earbuds, and well, let’s just say if you’re already an AirPods fan, you’re going to be pretty excited. And if you’ve been waiting for them to add a few new features before taking the plunge, you’ll be pretty excited too.

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Here’s quick and dirty:

The AirPods Pro have a whole new design, which will make those of you who don’t love Apple’s earbuds shape very happy. They’ve also added a active noise cancellation (yay!), as well transparency mode, which allows you to listen to music (or podcasts…) and still hear what’s going on around you. And with audio sharing, you can watch the same TV show or movie on the same screen if another person with AirPods is near you.

What you need to know about the new Apple AirPods Pro

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If you’re a Siri fan, she is voice-activated to help you change songs, make a call or even get directions. Plus, incoming messages can be automatically read to you as they come in.

The jump in features means a jump in price: $249 for the Apple AirPods Pro versus the $159 for the standard first edition Apple AirPods. You’re still getting the same 5-hour battery life (or 4.5 hours if you’re using the active noise cancelling), but from what we can tell, lots of pretty awesome new features that make the cost differential worth it. Available October 30.

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