We’re pretty much Team AirPods here at Cool Mom Tech. I was the first person to try them and sing their praises (though I don’t use them  anymore since my dog chewed one up). Then Liz jumped on the AirPods train. Well, after reading this recent article in the Washington Post, I have to admit that I’m not going to be replacing them anytime soon. What journalist Geoffrey A. Fowler discovered when his AirPods started dying might surprise you, and well, make you think twice about using them.

Here’s the issue: There’s really no way to replace the battery on your AirPods.

So, what does that mean? Well… when Geoffrey asked Apple about what to do with his dying AirPods, they had trouble giving him a solid answer. What he figured out was that all the options actually meant replacement of your AirPods, whether it was free, or for a small fee of $98 if they’re outside the warranty (2 years). And by small fee, I mean a hefty fee. That’s way more than an Apple Watch battery costs.

As it turns out, “battery change” essentially means “tossing them.” So, when your AirPods die, you get a replacement pair; you’re not actually getting your old AirPods back with a new and improved battery life.

It’s bad for your wallet. And bad for the environment.

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You’ll definitely want to head over to Geoffrey’s article to learn more about the specific options you have for replacement if you’re having battery issues, and check out the autopsy he did that uncovered this whole environmental issue in the first place.

And yes, we know that many tech gadgets we have are not the most environmentally friendly. But at least you can buy a new battery for your existing gadget — or trade it in, recycle, or donate, none of which are options for those $159 AirPods.

Photo by Jaz King on Unsplash