Sometimes I discover a new company at a tech press event that I’m so excited about, I run right over here to tell you about it. And sometimes, that product is so perfect that I first make a quick stop at the company website to buy one for myself. That’s just the story with Gantri Designs Lights — all designer-created, modern lighting, all sustainably 3-D printed from…corn.

Yes, corn. Or at least a corn-based plastic, which can be both opaque or translucent.

And now, there’s a Gantri lamp on my very own night stand. And, well, it’s one one of my Spawned podcast cool picks of the week.

Can you tell I love them? Here’s why.

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Gantri Zeppelin lamp: sustainably made, modern, 3-d printed designer lamps at great prices

Gantri makes sustainable modern lighting from corn: Starry Light accent lamp

This small Salt Lake City-based company essentially created the 3-D printing technology to allow modern designers from around the world to easily get their lighting ideas to market affordably and quickly.They’re all made right from a factory in California, which I really like. And just know that if 3-D printing scares you, it shouldn’t. The lamps I saw don’t feel flimsy at all — they look rather high end in fact, even with prices starting at $98, to just under $200.

So not IKEA, but you know, not Design Not Within Reach either.

If you’re a mid-century or Danish design fan, I think you’ll find a lot to love. The Zeppelin Table Light by Chris Granneberg (above) is my current nightstand lamp — a nod to the Nelson Bubble Lamps but wayyy less expensive. I also love the Iceberg Table Light (second image above) by Brooklyn artist Hannah Fink.

(In fact, the shop could use a few more women designers, hint hint.)

There are lots of other great shapes in a similar vein on the site, like the Lago Lamp, with an exterior texture that’s reminiscent of water. Or, find find more traditional lamps for reading, desks, or your home office, only all with a modern design twist.

And hooray for dimmers! So you can go from reading lamp to uh, fun times mood lighting in a sec.

Gantri makes sustainable modern lighting from corn: Lago light

Gantri makes sustainable modern lighting from corn: Orbit light
Gantri makes sustainable modern lighting from corn: Maskor lamp

Gantri makes sustainable modern lighting from corn: Suyo desk lamp

Gantri makes sustainable modern lighting from corn: Paris Table Lamp

I’ve always like companies that used innovation and technology to democratize good design, like Target initiated back in the 90s. So happy to have discovered this small business doing the same — sustainably.

Find sustainably made, modern lighting from global artists at Gantri Designs.

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