We’ve been busy rounding up everything from helpful homeschooling resources to online learning apps and websites for the quarantine, but we realize kids can’t live on educational materials alone. So we asked our Out Tech Your Kids Facebook Group members for their favorite fun podcasts for kids and put together this handy list. Turns out, these podcasts are kind of educational too (or in some cases, a lot educational), but will the kids know? Probably not.

Whether they’re into science, storytelling, or Marvel superheroes, we’ve got you covered.

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15 awesome podcasts for kids: Story Pirates

Story Pirates

So many of our Out Tech Your Kids members love this podcast! And I can see why, considering kids themselves write the scripts. Then the hosts get real actors and comedians to act out the very silly stories. Your kids may even want to submit their own tall tales after listening — another great quarantine activity if you ask me!

Noodle Loaf

This podcast is another favorite, and that’s not surprise to me. It’s created by a music educator and provides enough interactive activities to make it the perfect stand-in for your temporarily canceled music class.

15 awesome podcasts for kids: Circle Round

Circle Round

This one shares folk tales from around the world, with each dramatized by a different actor. Each episode features valuable themes like being a good neighbor, and always ends with an application challenge for young listeners.

Brains On

If you’re looking for a show to pique kids’ interest in science, check this one out, ASAP. It draws them in with kid-friendly subjects like narwals, Bigfoot, and and space suits. Plus, each episode is co-hosted by a curious kid host, which makes it especially fun. Fun fact: We had host Molly Bloom on our Spawned podcast!

But Why? 

This podcast is also for curious kids, but it goes beyond science to tackle subjects like impeachment, bad words, and nightmares. I also like that kid listeners get to pose some of the questions.

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15 awesome podcasts for kids: Smash Boom Best

Smash Boom Best

This podcast for kids comes from the creators of Brains On, and is also highly recommended by our readers. Each episode pits two things, like cats and dogs, against one another and lets two hosts debate which is better. Such a brilliant way to teach kids how to make an argument and support it while still being civil — a skill we could all use more of these days.


Another great science podcast for kids, Tumble focuses on scientific discoveries. I love that their most recent episode features an expert from Johns Hopkins answering kids’ questions about coronavirus. So helpful!

Wow in the World

This one’s similar to Brains On and delves into fascinating topics like bee barf and singing mice, which I’m pretty sure is enough to sell my 3-year-old son on it. Tons of Out Tech Your Kids members vouched for this one, so definitely give it a listen. And lucky us, we had hosts Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas (a long time friend of ours!) on Spawned. It’s probably no surprise that it was our Editors’ Best of the Year.

15 awesome podcasts for kids: Young Ben Franklin

Young Ben Franklin

Most of us are familiar with the accomplishments of adult Ben Franklin, but this show introduces us to Ben as a child, who apparently was a little bit of a rascal. Plus, the story is narrated by kids who are developing their acting chops. So fun!

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Grimm, Grimmer, Grimmest

This podcast retells fairy tales, some that kids will recognize and others that will be totally novel. They’re around 20 minutes each, a nice length for some quiet time or a quick trip to the grocery store.

15 awesome podcasts for kids: The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian

This serialized storytelling podcast (that just means it’s a story told over a bunch of episodes) follows Finn Caspian as he explores outer space. It’s a nice way to introduce kids to the genre of sci-fi without exposing them to anything too scary.

Rebel Girls

If you’re a regular reader, you probably already know that we love all things Rebel Girls. So I was excited when they launched a podcast to share the stories of the incredible women from the books. Plus, I love that it’s narrated by talented young girls. If you don’t have the books yet, this just might convince you.

15 awesome podcasts for kids: Short & Curly

Short and Curly

This show delves into thorny ethical territory, but in a light-hearted, kid-friendly way. It’s hosted by real ethicists who understand how to catch kids’ interest, and they cover subjects like how we treat animals and whether parents are hypocrites (although my kids may be skipping that episode, ha).

The Punies

The late Kobe Bryant created this podcast, and I think sports-centric kids will love it. It stars a cast of friends who go on adventures together, learning lessons that apply to basketball and beyond.

Marvel Studios News

This podcast is for slightly older kids who have already exhausted the Marvel movie canon and want more. It features deep cuts of history and general nerdery on some favorite Marvel characters, like the Avengers, Dr. Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy cast. Sounds like something I’d actually listen to myself.

Top image: Alireza Attari via Unsplash