Podcasts can promote your child’s creativity and imagination without spending more time in front of a screen. And while there are more and more awesome podcasts for kids popping up all the time, we wanted to specifically highlight storytelling podcasts. Think audiobooks, but in smaller portions, and totally free.

Here, 5 fantastic storytelling podcasts for kids that you won’t mind listening to either. In fact, you might enjoy them just as much as they do. -Kristen & Ellyn. 

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Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Podcasts for the family | Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls | CoolMomTech

We are so thrilled that the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is finally available as a podcast. These are real-life stories by real-life women to inspire and encourage all our kids, now read by real-life women. This is an absolute must-download podcast that we know you parents will love too.

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The StoryNory podcast is one of the first storytelling podcasts for kids that we discovered, and it’s definitely one of our favorites. Kids will find a variety of different stories, from fairytales to classic authors, even some original stories mixed in as well.

5 storytelling podcasts for kids: Circle Round

Circle Round

When it comes to podcasts, the folks at NPR know what they’re doing, which is why it’s no surprise the Circle Round storytelling podcast for kids is so popular. They carefully select folktales from around the world, focusing on inclusivity. They’re adapted into 10 to 20 minute stories that highlight topics such as kindness, generosity, and well, other traits you really want your kids learning about these days.


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5 storytelling podcasts for kids: The Story Pirates

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates concept (not actual pirates, by the way) is phenomenal. World-class actors and comedians like John Oliver and Conan O’Brien act out stories written by kids. It’s basically a late-night comedy sketch (yes, you may have seen this before) that’s been extended into an entire story movement for kids. Some of the stories are entertaining and some devolve into complete idiocy, and let me tell you, that’s when it gets really fun!


My 11-year old son is a big fan of Pinna, which features a ton of different story podcasts for kids of all ages. From The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel, a mystery story aimed at big kids, to Season Isle, an adventure story skewed a bit younger, there’s an excellent chance your kids will find something they love. The app itself is free, as is the 30-day free trial, but after that, it is subscription based. I will say it’s been worth the small price we pay each month to keep my son entertained; it’s how he falls asleep every night (and not because the stories are boring).

Photo by Josh Applegate on Unsplash