I’ve been obsessed with Baby Yoda — like most of the internet — since he exploded onto the scene with The Mandalorian’s release in 2019, so you can imagine how psyched I was when I discovered these Baby Yoda pajamas from Hanna Andersson. Seeing him in memes on my newsfeed is great and all, but seeing him on my kids? Even better.

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We're kind of obsessed with these daddy-and-me Baby Yoda pajamas from Hanna Andersson.

We can't seem to pick a favorite style for these Baby Yoda pajamas from Hanna Andersson.

Oh yeah, and they come in adult sizes too! I think these are perfect for a very Baby Yoda Christmas, but they’re also a great little pick-me-up for Star Wars nerds who might need it right now. Plus they’re a fun reminder of a galaxy far, far away where they’ve never heard of social distancing (well, unless you’re a lone wolf bounty hunter like Mando and that’s kind of your way of life).

And because they’re Hanna Andersson, I know that these pajamas will be durable and beautifully printed. I buy their pajamas for my kids ALL the time, and they’re gorgeous. So go ahead and splurge on a pair. Because wearing pajamas all day during quarantine? This is the way.

Check out the whole Baby Yoda pajama collection at Hanna Andersson.